Jenna Punished Her Boyfriend

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jenna otk spanking

There’s been a lot of movement to have guys become the soft, sensitive, listening guys that women supposedly need in their lives. These guys are supposed to be more understanding, and more appreciative of the women in their lives. It seems like some of these guys just never got the message that being more sensitive is not an excuse for becoming wimps with no discipline, that whine whenever something goes wrong in their lives or relationships. Those guys need a bit of discipline in their lives, and they need to learn a tougher skin will make them a better person. Luckily if they find a strong woman who knows how to give that discipline, they might just recover.

Penthouse Pet of the year Jenna Rose’s boyfriend is just such a spineless guy that sometimes this strong woman wants to bend him over and show him what real pain is like. When he shows up for their date looking like he just slapped his outfit together, she finally decides that it’s time to do just that. This strong woman wants a strong guy, and she uses her hand, and a wooden spoon to turn his ass red and remind him that there are much more painful ways that he could be spending his time with her.

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Alexis Spanks Her Boyfriend

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There are ups and downs to dating while on the job, especially when you own your own business. Sure, you might be able to work more closely together, and maybe even get work done more easily, but then you have the inevitable discipline problems when things get a little too familiar. Those problems get worse if you ever get into any mischief at the office, though that can be fun as well. It just ends up making the discipline problem even more pronounced.

Alexis Grace works with her boyfriend Bradly King when he had some problems and needed the help. It was great for the beginning when he tried to impress her, and keep things professional, but he eventually slacked off and neglected his work. When Alexis tried to remind him, he blew her off. She wasn’t going to have that and demanded he get into her office. When there she berates him and lets him know that if he doesn’t accept his punishment, she might not keep him. She bends him over for a bare-assed spanking that has him laughing at first, but when his ass turns bright red he stops laughing and starts begging. Alexis makes sure he has quite the reminder for the future before she lets him go.

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Sadie gives a Spanking OTK

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sadie spanks her student

Why do guys think that they can’t learn anything from a female tutor? It happens every time, as soon as the girl shows up, the guy is reduced to a snickering, giggling 10 year old who thinks that he can get his reward in nudity or in sex. Plenty of women know just how to deal with those men acting like boys. The answer is a simple one; treat them as they behave. If they want to be 10 year olds, then when they get out of line, treat them like it.

Sadie Holmes has things down to a science, appropriate, since that’s one of the topics she teaches. When a guy starts acting like an idiot just because his tutor is a woman she gives him a couple of warnings, if he doesn’t behave, she shows him the contract he signed. They usually don’t know how to act when they find out she can discipline them however she wants, and the way she usually wants is with the hard side of the paddle. This guy is like all the others, he acts brave and like punishment is no big deal, but when the paddle turns his ass black and blue, he quickly changes his tune.

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College Guy Paddled

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college boy paddled

Why are there so many guys out there that come through school and into college thinking they are entitled to something special? It’s especially bad when they were an athlete, or skated through high-school as the popular guys. They really need the worst kind of ‘personal correction’ applied to them. College is supposed to be the place for personal growth though, and the girls know how to convince the frats to give them the particularly problematic cases.

This frat boy rolled in thinking he didn’t have to work his way through college. Luckily, Audrey managed to convince his frat that his initiation needed something a little…extra so he’d understand the situation he is in now, and how being an ass just doesn’t work in the real world. He thought it was a big joke when Audrey showed off her paddle, but he learned the truth when the first few blows hit his ass. She gave him quite the lesson all right, and made sure his ass was red and bruised, so he’d get reminded of it every time he sat down for more than a week.

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Man Spanked by Two Women

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Being spanked by one strict femdom is quite an experience. Something I recommend every spanko try at least once. It’s a wonder mix of pleasure, pain, and humiliation. After a severe spanking by a dominant female can be quite cathartic. It releases stress and makes your problems seem much more manageable.

Now, I can’t quite imagine how wonderful (and painful) it would be to have the attention of two dominatrix women at the same time. If both women were quite attractive and dressed as sexy as the vixens in this gallery the experience would be quite over the top. I’d imagine it would be sensory overload.

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